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Why Choose 101PluS?

101% Integrity

"I will guarantee, that ALL recommendations made, are with the honest intention to achieve the goals of YOUR company. I will only sell a product or service to you if I believe in a return-on-investment for your company. Furthermore, all information provided will be accurate and truthful ..."

Andreas Sprenger, 101PluS

101% Ethical

"I don't do 'Black Hat SEO' or guarantee '#1 Google rankings'! No one can guarantee a ranking on Google and I'm focusing on "White Hat SEO" techniques, which ensure a long-term investment in the website of my clients ..."

Andreas Sprenger, 101PluS

101% Satisfaction

"If I focus on you, the client, listen to what you need, be honest with you and do my very best, I know I will have another 100% satisfied customer ..."

Andreas Sprenger, 101PluS

101% Cost Efficient

Tired of being ripped off?  Well, 101PluS guarantees value-for-money online marketing services. Our prices are not inflated by bureaucratic hierarchies, fancy offices, astronomic manager bonuses or expensive consulting visits. 101PluS provides a cost efficient premium service utilizing a network of selected marketing professionals.


101PluS is a marketing consultancy firm specialising in helping small family-run businesses to increase its reputation, turnover and profit efficiently. 101PluS supports your business in utilising the power of the Internet through defining successful marketing strategies, and by choosing suitable and affordable online marketing techniques. 101PluS helps customers to reach its marketing goals through the utilisation of modern online channels.

Andreas Sprenger, Business Owner

About Andreas Sprenger

  • since 2007 owner of 101PluS

  • Freelanced business consultant in the areas of strategy and marketing

  • Development & Quality Manager @ Motorola Inc.

  • MBA of Open University, London

  • Digital Six Sigma - BlackBelt

  • Systems engineer & quality champion @ Moog Ltd.

  • Move to Ireland in 1997

  • Software designer @ LIEBHERR Avionics

  • Masters Degree in Computer Science

  • Certified Music Teacher & Conductor

  • Born near Munich, Germany

History of the Company

101PluS was founded by Andreas Sprenger in 2007. Born in Germany, he worked early in his career for multi-nationals abroad. During that time he experienced the importance and power of online marketing for companies in a modern business world. Meeting numerous family-owned businesses with outstanding products, but a very limited marketing budget, was the base for starting 101PluS. 101PluS's goal was to help small companies in a cost-efficient way to increase their turnover through online marketing.

Ready to find out more?

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or want to discuss your marketing needs with us. Our service will always be adjusted to the individual needs of your business. We are providing a free quote for your work on request.

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