Keyword Research & Analysis

Search terms are used by internet users in search engines to find information - these can be single words and, more commonly, two or three word phrases. These search terms are matched by search engines to keywords which are defined by your WEB site, blog, press release, etc. Keywords are used in page titles, descriptions, URLs, tags and content - just to mention a few.

Why are Keywords so Important?

A detailed keyword analysis is an important first step to promoting your content online; it provides the basis for effective search engine optimisation and online advertising. A sophisticated keyword selection will enable your online content to be found by those most likely to use your products and services.


What is a Keyword Analysis?

A successful keyword analysis will enable targeted online promotion of your website. It will help to ensure that your website is an effective route-to-market for your business, offering a healthy return on investment. A professionally conducted keyword research can make the difference between success and failure for your website, blog, etc.

We have a long-established track record of conducting extremely comprehensive keyword analyses for a broad range of client websites. An initial brainstorming session with you enables a range of base terms to be agreed related to your key products and services. The company strategy and marketing goals will play a significant role in defining the initial set of keywords.


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Services for keyword analysis and keyword research are offered all over Ireland, including Cork, Dublin, Waterford, Wexford, Killarney, Tralee, Limerick, Shannon, Ennis, Galway, Kilkenny and Athlone, as well as in the south of Germany. After an initial kick-off meeting at the premises of your business, most of the online marketing work can be done efficiently by email and phone.