Small Business - Marketing on the Internet

The world is different for a small business: No lavish marketing budget! No dedicated marketing department!

However, online marketing is an extremely cost-efficient way for a small business to reach millions of potential customers. There is no need to spend a fortune on marketing all in one go. A little investment at a time can go a long way. The focus for a small business has to be on the return-on-investment of all marketing activities.

Do I need a WEB site?

Yes, a WEB site is very important. However, a WEB site without a detailed online marketing strategy is a waste of money.

Take the time for some preparation before spending money on a WEB site which in the end might not be found by your potential customers. 101PluS will help you with the preparation doing usually the following steps, if you haven't done them already:

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Can I Do Online Marketing Myself?

Of course, you can! We encourage our customers to get involved into the details of online marketing - if time allows it.

We believe that marketing is an integral part of the business. The person who knows the business best has to be involved when defining marketing campaigns.

On the other hand, online marketing is becoming very complex and successful strategies need for implementation the advice of a professional. Simply talk to us and we will help you with whatever level of support you require. Areas you might be interested in: