Successful Marketing for your Small Business

Online Marketing, e-marketing, internet marketingMarketing for your small business with 101PluS - let the world of Google and Facebook work for YOUR business. Do you want to attract more customers to your local business?  Do you want to sell your products or services nationwide or even worldwide? Keyword-driven search marketing combined with a strong social media campaign can be the answer!

101PluS is a marketing consultancy firm, which is specialising in helping small family-run businesses to increase its reputation, turnover and profit fast and efficiently. 101PluS helps the company utilising the power of the Internet through defining successful marketing strategies, and by choosing suitable online marketing techniques.

Online marketing has become much more complex in recent years. However, at the same time the opportunities for exceptional success has increased at the same pace. The following picture

We are taking a step-by-step approach to your success

1. Strategy Analysis

It is important for an online marketing campaign to understand the strategy of the company. Do you want to be the cheapest with the most comprehensive product range, or an exclusive provider for affluent customer, or the one delivering the best quality? The strategy will influence your online campaign enormously. The strategy analysis entails often a markt analysis and an online keyword analysis.

2. Marketing Planning

Based on the strategy, a marketing plan is prepared outlining which marketing mix will be used to achieve the goal of your company. What type of WEB-site is needed? Will a Google Adwords campaign be effektive? Is Facebook important? What about a newsletter for your customers? Maybe additional print advertising like flyers are the key to success?

3. Corporate Identity

Well, although it is called 'corporate identity', it is equally important to a small business. It defines your company logo, your clolours, your fonts and anything else which reflects the identity of your brand and your company. For many companies a selection of pictures and videos are also defined to represent the main message of the company. A corporate design is a pre-requsite before starting on a WEB-design or a Facebook page.

4. Going Online

After the design of the WEB- or Facebook site it is time to go online. The WEB site is already implemented in a search engine friendly manner. However, there is a lot of other optimisation tasks to be done, e.g. link building, keword tracking, optimisation of local search results and many more. It is now time as well to start the online advertising with Google Adwords or similar advertising tools. Social Media can also be utilised now with references to the company WEB site. Of course, everything will be monitored by Google Analytics and a social media tracking tool.

Online Marketing entails a lot of detailed steps and skills. Below a summary of tasks and roles needed for a comprehensive online marketing campaign. However, not all tasks/roles are always needed for a small business.

Online Marketing Responsibilities

Skills for online marketing

We will help you in defining what areas of expertise you will need for your online marketing project. 101PluS has a network of selcted experts to cover all areas if needed. However, with the extensive experience of 101PluS itself, adiitional experts are only needed for very complex challenges.


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