New Facebook Timeline for your Fan Page

On 31st March 2012 Facebook will change automatically your Facebook fan page to the new timeline look.  Therefore, we recommend that you get yourself familiar with what has changed, take the change tour and switch to the new look immediately. Its easy enough if you're carful regarding a few things.

In summary, here’s what’s changed:

* month-by-month view of all Facebook activities

* possibility to fill in information pre-Facebook sign-up

* you can add a new cover image

* tabs remain but are wider at 760px

* a new look admin panel

Mixed reaction has met Facebook's new revamp, with some loving it and others closing their Facebook accounts thinking Facebook has lost the plot completely. In addition, for private users concerns are raising about privacy. However, privacy is not as big an issue for your fan page.

In general, the change will mean a nicer look to your fan page. Uploading a cover image can support your image enormously. However, make sure that there are no advertising messages, email addresses or similar on your picture, as this could result in a ban of your Facebook fan page. We also recommend to change this picture from time to time as it can portrait seasonal changes of the offering of your business.

A problem are the tabs which got bigger, but are not all as visible as in the past. Only with the arrow right under the cover image will reveal all tabs should you have more than two or three. The tab images can be edited and used to support the overall look and feel of the page

The new admin page for your fan page is well structured and can be easily switched on and off on the top right of your page, should you be logged in as an administrator.

In summary, don't be afraid of that change and make the move today.

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