New Facebook Timeline for your Fan Page

On 31st March 2012 Facebook will change automatically your Facebook fan page to the new timeline look.  Therefore, we recommend that you get yourself familiar with what has changed, take the change tour and switch to the new look immediately. Its easy enough if you're carful regarding a few things.

In summary, here’s what’s changed:

* month-by-month view of all Facebook activities

* possibility to fill in information pre-Facebook sign-up

* you can add a new cover image

10 Reasons for Having a Facebook Fan Page

Facebook is in the news every day. Not all news is positive; there are concerns about identity theft on Facebook and about data safety and security. However, there are still over 600 million users worldwide using Facebook. Facebook is rapidly becoming the chosen method of finding information and new businesses. Facebook is challenging the large search engines like Google and Bing. Facebook's Like/Dislike button is extremely popular with Facebook users.